Error c1 Bbox How to solve it

Bbox c1 error: How to fix it ?

You don’t know where the error code problem comes from’C1 Bbox error that appears on the screen ? Software bug, bad handling, Bouygues Telecom internet network failure or defective equipment, the possible causes are numerous. What steps can be taken to address this concern? ? Discover in this article some elements of answer.

What is the meaning of C1 Bbox error ?

The screen on the front side of the box displays “C1 error” ? This means that it can be a slow or complete lack of connection. Thus, the C1 Bbox error code is a message intended to alert users that there is a problem preventing you from connecting to the Internet. It can also appear, because the IP address is no longer valid, following a loss of the box due to a hardware malfunction.

Generally speaking, this problem is common among subscribers using fiber optics connected to a box equipped with the WiFi 6. In any case, this problem prevents you from taking advantage of the services offered by the Bouygues Telecom box, in particular access to the Bbox . This is why it is necessary to define the origin of the breakdown and to solve it as soon as possible. Sometimes, a few simple and easy-to-use operations are enough to solve the problem.

How to solve the problem’C1 Bbox error ?

If you are using your Bouygues Telecom box for the first time, this C1 error code may appear on the screen. In this case, do not panic, this is normal, because this problem often occurs when the Bbox is first connected. Indeed, the Internet provider sometimes takes a little time to activate the line.

Thus, you just have to wait a few hours, or even one or two days, to try again. If patience is not your strong suit, don’t hesitate to contact customer service. He will do what is necessary to solve your problem as soon as possible.

The C1 Bbox error is still displayed once the internet line is activated ? Check if the problem is not caused by a general network failure (Bouygues, SFR, Orange…). In this case, you will have to be patient and wait for the technicians to intervene on the line.

If there is no change, it means that it is not an external failure, the problem could be with the Bouygues Telecom box. Therefore, the first thing to do is to check the integrity of the Bbox connections. Indeed, if a cable is badly connected, you just have to put it back correctly. If it is damaged, it should be replaced.

Avoid tinkering with a cut, torn or stripped cable, at the risk of aggravating the breakdown, or even damaging the Bbox.

If you notice that there is nothing to report on the connection side, it is possible that the problem comes from a software bug. Thus, it is advisable to restart your Bouygues Telecom box and, at the same time, the internal hard disk. To do this, turn off the Bbox, unplug the power supply, and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in.

What to do if the’C1 error is still present on my Bbox ?

If the C1 error persists, the failure could be caused by a corruption of the Bbox software or a more serious bug preventing the reconnection. To solve it, a complete reset of the box is required, just as it is the case when the problem persists on the Bouygues Telecom TV decoder. The operation allows a reset of all the parameters of the device in order to fix the bugs. Here are the steps to follow to do so:

  1. Locate the “Reset” button on the back of the case and press it with a needle, paper clip or toothpick;
  2. Maintain the pressure for about ten seconds (you can release it after the Bbox is switched off);
  3. Wait for the box to reset completely and check the screen after restarting.

This last solution did not allow you to obtain the expected result ? All you have to do is hire a competent technician. To do this, contact Bouygues Telecom customer service. The professional at your disposal will perform a diagnosis of the Bbox using a dedicated application.

If the problem cannot be solved, the operator will be required to replace his equipment.