Internet offers from different providers

Internet offers from different providers

As for mobile packages, the offers of’The internet subscriptions offered by the different providers are numerous and it can be complicated to choose the right one’To find out more. ADSL or fiber, television included, fixed and mobile calls, the price of the installation of the line is often charged at the same price as the subscription’Here is a small guide to help you understand the offer.

How to benefit from the fiber ?

The first thing to define when subscribing is the number of calls’an internet contract is the best choice’eligibility of your line. If you live in a city, it may be eligible for fiber, a very high speed network, whereas homes in the countryside must usually make do with ADSL’ADSL, or even broadband’a speed boost thanks to VDSL2 for the lines closest to the nodes. Indeed, the generalization of the coverage in fiber for all is not planned before 2025’is not expected before 2025.

It is therefore useless to subscribe to a very high-speed subscription if your line is not connected to the Internet’is not eligible.

With or without a television subscription, fixed and mobile calls ?

The second crucial choice you will have to make is the’TV subscription. Do you need simple internet or do you already pay the TV fee? ? It’s up to you. D’On the other hand, be careful because fixed and mobile calls are not necessarily included in the package’offer.

So, if you take a low-end contract where calls are not included, you will have to pay according to your consumption. However, if you opt for a more extensive contract, the price of your various communications will be included in your monthly package.

Commitment, box, offer fees’Activation and termination

Another determining factor will be the length of time you have been on the network’s commitment’This offer concerns the different providers. The lowest offers generally propose contracts without commitment, but their characteristics are often less interesting. To benefit from’However, neither of them offers an interesting subscription, so you will probably have to commit to a specific duration.

Also note that the’The installation of the line is often charged and you will have to pay this amount before you can enjoy your subscription. On the other hand, the box is offered, most of the time, but can also, in some cases, be rented’This means that you will pay a certain amount each month. But don’t worry, this amount rarely exceeds 5€.

Some operators also impose additional charges for the termination of the line.

You’ll have to look carefully at these additional costs to find the best offer. A very affordable contract may hide additional fees or a commitment that would make it impossible to pay for the service’less advantageous offer than other providers’other.

L’unique offer’Alice

Among the first providers on the market of low-cost internet subscriptions, Alice offers a unique “Initial” package, without commitment, at 20 euros*, including fixed calls and television subscription. Calls to mobiles are, on the other hand, surcharged. This offer concerns the’ADSL, as Alice does not offer any ADSL’offer for fiber.

Red Box subscriptions, ADSL or fiber, surcharged mobiles

Let’s stay in the low-cost range with the offers from Coriolis’subscription without commitment Red Box. At 22 euros, they include television and fixed calls, but mobile calls are still surcharged’in fiber and very high speed fiber version. They are interesting if you don’t make many calls to mobiles.

Coriolis Box, mini or maxi, but without TV subscription

still in the low-end, Coriolis offers two basic packages, a “Mini” and a “Maxi”, both in ADSL version. The first’Some operators also impose additional fees for the termination of the contract’other, if. On the other hand, neither of them offers an interesting subscription’TV subscription.

If you don’t pay a fee, it’s not a problem’It is undoubtedly towards this operator that you will find the best offers adapted to your needs.

Bouygues’ B Boxes

Let’s move on to the bigger operators. Bouygues has four different offers:

  • The Bbox: at 23 euros, in ADSL, TV and fixed calls included, mobile calls surcharged,
  • The Bbox Miami: at 31 euros, in ADSL, all included (TV, fixed and mobile calls),
  • The Bbox Miami Fibre: same offer as the previous one in fiber version,
  • The Bbox sensation: at 39 euros, fiber broadband, all included.

Orange packages

At Orange, there are no less than seven offers that compete:

  • L’social internet offer: at 23 euros, an offer without commitment in ADSL, including only the fixed calls,
  • The Livebox Zen: at 37 euros, in ADSL, TV and fixed calls included, mobile calls surcharged,
  • The Livebox Zen Fibre: at 42 euros, same characteristics as the Livebox Play’previous offer in fiber version,
  • The Livebox Play: at 43 euros, in ADSL, all included,
  • The Livebox Play Fibre: at 48 euros, same features as the previous one’previous offer in fiber version,
  • The Livebox Jet: at 51 euros, same characteristics as the Livebox Play with additional options,
  • The Livebox Jet Fibre: at 56 euros, same characteristics as the Livebox Play Fibre with additional options.

The Freebox… from Free

With Free, you’re supposed to have it all figured out. However, it is necessary to differentiate their four offers:

  • The mini 4K: at 30 euros, TV and fixed-line calls included, surcharged mobile calls, available in ADSL or fiber versions,
  • The freebox revolution: at 40 euros, all included, available in ADSL or fiber version.

SFR internet contracts

Let’s move on to SFR, an operator offering a dozen different contracts. The three main ones are:

  • The Box: at 36 euros, in ADSL, fixed calls included, TV excluded and surcharged mobile calls,
  • The Starter Box: at 38 euros, in ADSL, all included,
  • La Fibre Starter: same offer as the previous one in fiber version,

For the other offers – Power Mini, Power, Power+ and Premium – it is the additional options that will make the difference. It’s up to you to find out about these specificities.

For a better comparison, you can check out these main features on the comparison table of the’UFC Que Choisir, which will redirect you to the different suppliers’ sites so that you can then find out about the additional fees, additional options and exceptional offers of the moment.

* The sums of’a value of x.99 euros are rounded to the’euro higher.