What are the latest trends in phone covers?

Phone cover: what are the current trends ?

Smartphones are becoming the most powerful and indispensable tools in our daily lives. However, they tend to become more fragile over the generations. A fall is enough to damage various external and internal components. However, the shells can protect these devices from scratches, bumps and drops.

In addition, they help to personalize your laptop.

What are the hottest phone covers of the moment? ?

You can protect and brighten up your smartphone with a trendy phone cover. This accessory also allows you to adapt the device to your style. Moreover, customization is in fashion this year.

For example, you can create a custom version of the iPhone SE 2022 case with your own designs. In addition, it is possible to print your photos on a hard case, gel, wallet ..

Shockproof and silicone covers are also good values on the market. They are indeed timeless, because of their effectiveness. Therefore, these accessories remain very popular with users. They can also be customized according to the items in question.

Similarly, leather has managed to transcend generations and makes its comeback this year in the form of phone shells.

The case or the leather cover are very popular with nostalgic people and those looking for authenticity. On some models, the material can even bring a vintage touch and create an interesting contrast with smartphones. The wallet also causes a similar effect. Beyond the aesthetics, these protections are more effective by covering the entire device, including the screen.

Indeed, a phone cover is primarily used to protect this concentrate of technology.

What budget for a smartphone case

The price of a trendy phone cover varies significantly depending on the brand, model and material used. As an indication, this type of accessory costs on average between 14 and 95 euros. Gel covers are usually worth about ten euros. Logically, the personalized versions are close to 20 euros.

The same goes for a wallet and a pouch. The flap model can also be chained or equipped with a necklace, a cord, chargers ..

Leather cases and shells are slightly more expensive. Expect to pay around thirty euros to get this type of protection for your phone. That said, prices tend to rise for branded products and larger models.

Thus, prices can even exceed 250 euros for cases signed by the giants of luxury (Gucci, Fendi, Vuitton, etc.).). Fortunately, you can get a trendy phone case without worrying about the brand.

Fashion in the field is mainly about designs, materials, textures and patterns. You have access to a wide range of models and price for protecting your smartphone. In addition, some trends are more like signs of distinction, like the MagSafe.

Indeed, these accessories are reserved for Apple’s laptops compatible with this charging technology (iPhone 12 and later, except SE 2022).