Professional fryers are indispensable appliances in restaurants

Professional fryers: indispensable appliances in restaurants

As a restaurant owner, you must first and foremost satisfy your customers. For this, it is essential to have a clear and concise menu’You must have at your disposal specific equipment. Indeed, in the kitchen, everything must be done well and quickly.

The French love French fries. So, to avoid making them wait too long and especially, to be able to answer all their questions, you need a professional fryer’you need a professional fryer that performs well.

High performance fryers

Just like a classic deep fryer, the professional deep fryer is equipped with a large number of accessories’a basket to collect the food to be fried. However, in addition to’a container that allows you to store the food’to accommodate the’In addition to the oil, this equipment has valuable features such as a timer, automatic and safety devices, which are very useful to prevent food crumbs from burning at the bottom of the tank. Ventilation systems also help minimize odors, filters help extend the life of the fryer, and the fryer is easy to clean’There are many models of professional fryers, more or less expensive, but it is also necessary to consider the temperature controls, which can be electronic or mechanical.

With a Fourniresto professional deep fryer, you can cook tasty French fries, but you also have the possibility to use it to cook your food’other foods such as chicken, doughnuts, fish… You will be able to add to your menu as you wish in order to better satisfy your customers, who are always fond of good things.

Fryers that work with oil’electricity or gas

There are many models of professional fryers, more or less expensive. You can choose a product with infrared or convection heating. These systems cost more to operate’purchase. The most common models run on gas or oil’electricity. These are more practical since they have a larger capacity in liters’they are more mobile.

However, they lose a little bit of lower heat, because the heating accessories are immersed in the water’oil. The recovery time is nevertheless faster. In addition, they may also feature a drain valve to evacuate the waste’oil. The gas fryer heats up faster and offers a higher heating temperature than the electric fryer.

Fueled by propane or natural gas, this fryer is more economical in terms of energy consumption’energy since gas is less expensive than electricity or gas’electricity.

Compare products before making your selection

Whatever’In any case, professional fryers will offer you a good life expectancy. Different styles and performance levels are available, so you’ll just have to choose the one that best suits your needs. To do this, you will have to take into account its capacity, its dimensions, its power, its depth… There are models with one or two tanks in order to benefit from a better quality of service’a larger capacity in liters. Now it’s up to you to decide which is the best choice for your establishment, your customers and your budget.