How to get rid of Excel in your company

How to get rid of’Excel in the company ?

Excel is a software from the office suite that is mainly used as a spreadsheet. It has long been one of the preferred tools in companies because of its great versatility. It allows you to create tables for any purpose thanks to its numerous formulas. You can even use it to manage projects. Although very practical, Excel does not allow you to’However, the fact remains that you are still outdated by all the progress that is being made in terms of digital tools.

C’This is why you should get rid of it in favor of more appropriate solutions.

Use an efficient PPM tool adapted to your needs

It is true that Excel can be used as a project management tool. However, compared to a solution designed specifically for this purpose, it quickly becomes obsolete, because it is less efficient. It is then more beneficial for you to turn to an adequate tool.

We recommend the’use of it’an effective PPM tool that will assist you in key business processes management of your project portfolio. To choose it, you must first consider your needs. It is important that the software is adapted so that you can make the best use of it.

In any case, it will be much more useful to you thanks to its numerous features.

Increased visibility on your projects

Thanks to a PPM tool (Project Portfolio Management), you have the’insurance’to have a better visibility on the’all the projects in your portfolio. With its s features’arbitration, You have a clear vision of the project’all the information related to the life and progress of your projects.

You thus have a clear vision of the project’a powerful solution that systematically centralizes all data and gives them a single repository. In this way, you can avoid duplication, loss of information and the need to create new tables’The software will help you to manage all the projects in your portfolio, even the recurrent data sharing problems with Excel.

You don’For example, you will no longer need to work on a project’send several versions of the same file’the same document to all your teams. They will be able to consult it in real time and take note of the modifications that are made to it.

Gain in productivity

With a PPM tool, the productivity gain of your teams is guaranteed. By streamlining the management of your project portfolio, the software improves the tracking of tasks, but not only. It also promotes faster execution of the various options and optimizes the chain of operations.

You become more productive overall.

L’he PPM tool is also ideal for automating multiple repetitive administrative tasks. It saves you a lot of time by eliminating the need for a computer’time-consuming steps without added value. This time can be put to good use to make progress faster’How can you get rid of other phases of your various projects, such as’This is where the productivity gain comes in.

Smooth collaboration

L’tool is one of the keys to success for project management’The only thing you need is the seamless collaboration of all the teams that participate in the project. So that’If you want to make it a reality, you need to’You need a software that favors the perpetual circulation of information’This way, you avoid duplication and loss of information. This way, everyone receives the important data at the same time and is aware of the directives communicated.

With a PPM tool, you can take advantage of this type of information’benefits. It acts as a advanced collaborative software with features designed to facilitate teamwork. For example, you have the’access to collaborative workspaces or group discussion interfaces.

These are as many’options that allow all teams to work together seamlessly.

Optimal use of resources

Managing a project is not just about organizing the project’execution of tasks in time. Another big part of the job is to make good use of all the resources at your disposal. It is’act on human, material and financial resources.

With the right PPM tool, you’ll have an easier time allocating each of your projects’them as it should be.

In addition, it gives you an insight into the’It is not a good idea to have your entire workforce training at the same time at home in a new skill set. A PPM software also improves your planning phase. It allows you to take into account all the factors that are important in order to schedule all the steps.

How to implement a PPM tool in your company ?

To implement a PPM tool in your company, you must first consider your objectives. It is important that the software allows you to achieve them within the set timeframe. It is then necessary that’it has features that are in line with your needs.

Take the time to check them out to make sure they are correct’they bring you exactly the’helps you’you need.

It is then appropriate to consider the business tools that you already use in your company. There are bound to be some people who can help you’They are specifically designed to be used by the management team and are available in a wide range of languages’activity you are engaged in. In this case, it is best to turn to a PPM software that can help you achieve your goals s’integrate with your tools and be a kind of a’extension.

In this way, it will be able to use the data and assist you without slowing down or changing your processes. In last position, you just have to call upon the professionals who propose you the solution. They are the ones who will be able to help you’to implement properly in your systems.

Of course, they need to have some information about your equipment to use the right methods and techniques to get the best results’implementation.

Train your teams to your new work tool

Once the’The PPM tool is perfectly implemented in your systems, so you don’t have to rush into it. You need to make sure that the software is working properly’of your employees is taken into account’Appropriate to make the work fluid and without difficulty. With this in mind, we suggest that you take the following steps’organize training sessions training sessions for all your teams.

They will be used to master your new software. By taking the trouble to go through this step, you make sure that your company’s’they s’get used to their new work tool. To make it easier, opt for a rotating system. It is not a good idea to have your entire workforce trained at the same time.

This will only paralyze your activities unnecessarily.