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How to find an efficient and cheap VSE ?

The price of an EFTPOS terminal depends on the brand, the model and the contract chosen. Depending on the material and your contact person, you will also have to take into account other costs inherent to this type of solution. Nevertheless, providers offer a wide variety of offers for companies, freelancers, small businesses… So, you only need to define your expectations and your budget to choose a VSE.

What is the cost of an Electronic Payment Terminal ?

The cost is a crucial factor for find a TPE adapted to your activity. Indeed, an entry-level offer will not necessarily meet your needs in terms of cash registers. On the other hand, you risk making an unprofitable investment by adding unnecessary options.

In short, you are supposed to choose a formula corresponding to your means and to the requirements of your activity (mobility, rate of payment, contactless payment…).

A comparison may seem complicated, as Eftpos terminals are offered for purchase and rental. That said, you only need to divide the prices by the volume of transactions envisaged to compare them. You will get the real cost of each device. As an indication, you should invest between 150 and 700 euros on average to acquire a terminal. This option allows you to use the device without commitment.

In addition, you can resell your equipment at any time and recover part of the high initial cost.

If you prefer to rent the device, you will need to budget between 13 and 40 euros per month. This type of offer is particularly interesting for start-ups, small businesses and self-employed people. However, you have to be careful in the choice of the supplier and of the electronic payment solution.

Some operators have hidden costs. On the other hand, you need to keep a close eye on the displayed additional fees (commission, mobile services, optional features, etc.).).

How to find a good and cheap one ?

You should consider the performance of the device first, to find a VSE corresponding to your needs. You can then make a comparison and choose only the useful options to limit your expenses. In addition, you can further reduce the cost of the equipment with a SumUp promotional code.

This player is also known for its competitive offers.

To identify a cheap terminal, you need to take into account the price of the terminal and the transaction fees. The operator may charge for other services, depending on the solution you have chosen. Nevertheless, the prices are usually limited to the rent and the operation costs.

They can be as low as the cost of transactions, if you have purchased your terminal.

For each payment, you will have to pay the operator up to 2% of the value of the transaction. These fees usually include the commissions of the banks and other providers involved. On its side, the provider often gets paid at the rental price. It can also integrate the cost of the service and the equipment to the transaction fees.

Thus, SumUp Eftpos terminals are among the cheapest on the market with their fixed fee of 1.75% and no rental fee.

What are the conditions of use ?

If you have succeeded in find an Eftpos terminal, all you have to do is contact the chosen player and sign a contract. However, you should check the terms of use if this is your first payment terminal. As a general rule, payment service providers require a business bank account for the purchase or rental of an Eftpos terminal.

This allows for optimal tracking and secure payments.

What are the terms of use?

For the rest, everything will depend on the provider, the equipment and the offer in question. You will obviously have to provide your personal and banking information when you sign up. Concerning the compatibility with banks, the payment operator will indicate at first contact which networks are not supported.

You will therefore have no problem in this matter, if your subscription has been validated.

It is nevertheless preferable to contact your bank beforehand, in order to know the possible restrictions on your Pro account. This way, you will avoid discovering it after having approached a specialist in electronic banking. In this case, you risk losing precious time for the development of your business.

Once your account has been verified, you can choose a tool with a credit card reader and a mobile payment terminal (NFC, QR Code, Bluetooth…).