How to see the history of Snapchat conversations

How to see the history of Snapchat conversations ?

Snapchat’s success is largely based on the ephemeral nature of chat and content distribution. This specificity allows to avoid the security loopholes inherent to data storage and processing. However, it is sometimes necessary to consult the history of discussions on the platform.

However, you have access to different methods to retrieve and view these exchanges.

Is it possible to retrieve the history on Snapchat ?

Basically, Snapchat is an application for conversations and ephemeral photo sharing. This is a particularity acclaimed by individuals who are concerned about their privacy and personal data. Indeed, the contents are automatically deleted as soon as they are seen by the recipients.

Stories are also deleted within 24 hours of publication.

At the request of users, Snapchat has nonetheless ended up making it possible to keep and view conversations between members. All you have to do is long press on the message in question. From then on, the discussion will be recorded and highlighted in the messaging interface.

You can also easily set the deletion of messages after 24 hours from the time of sending or reading.

Conversely, you’ll have to put in more effort to access your conversation history. You will need to leave the platform to retrieve this information. Indeed, this feature is not integrated to the application which remains faithful to the original concept (ephemeral exchanges and sharing).

The whole procedure is still quite easy for most users.

However, you will have to take into account the platform’s data storage policy. In general, Snapchat deletes content and conversations after they are viewed. The application can eventually keep snaps and messages for 24 hours, just like stories. Beyond that, the network is keen to delete user data as soon as possible.

It will be impossible to access the deleted information on your device and on Snap Inc. servers.

How to retrieve your chat history ?

Snapchat currently allows users to get a copy of their account data upon request. This information includes the information entered on the app and the history of recent activities (chats, snaps, comments…). This will show you the history of your conversations after your request has been authenticated. To request your profile data:

  • Connect to the platform;
  • Click on your photo to open your profile;
  • Press the notched icon in Settings;
  • Select the option My data, under My Snapcode ;
  • Enter your login and password, then choose Connection ;
  • Confirm the connection;
  • Validate the operation by clicking on Submit request.

Once your request has been processed and validated, you will receive an email containing the link to download your user data. You now have the possibility to view your chat history on the social network.

How to view the history obtained from Snapchat ?

Technically, you can view the history on any connected device running Windows, macOS, Android or iOS. However, it is more convenient to use a computer. This way, you’ll be able to facilitate the operation and avoid any compatibility issues. To retrieve and view your conversation history:

  • Open the email sent by Snapchat, then click on the embedded link;
  • Fill in your credentials, validate and click on Connection;
  • Confirm the connection process;
  • Start the download of the zip document;
  • Proceed to extract the compressed folder;
  • Go to the html site, then double-click on chat_history.html.

Your web browser will then open the metadata of your conversation history on the platform. Overall, the procedure is similar on a cell phone. You may have trouble opening the zip format and metadata on some devices.

In case of problems, you can download dedicated applications from App Store or Play Store.

Can you find deleted messages ?

With theSnapchat history, you can recover and open snaps or messages recently deleted. You will only have to act quickly before they are deleted from the platform’s servers. To see deleted exchanges, the first step is to request your account history from the Snapchat team.

This log contains some deleted items. To see them:

  • Download and open the zip file, preferably on a computer;
  • Search for “index.html ” using File Manager;
  • Click on this link;
  • Open History to see the recorded conversations;
  • At this point, you should have access to the history of Snapchat messages ;
  • Explore the list to find deleted exchanges.

With the dedicated viewer, you can easily navigate through your Snapchat conversation history. You will even be able to find recently deleted content.

Can you find deleted messages?

What third-party applications to access Snapchat history ?

Today, there are various applications that allow you to recover and view deleted messages on Snapchat. However, these tools can lead to the use of USB debugging on a computer or direct access to Snapchat folders. However, they also allow you to download the history of conversations from the platform as a zip document.

The steps may vary depending on the applicationdata recovery application. That said, the goal is the same, namely to restore chat history. However, the recovery process may involve some significant constraints. On the one hand, publishers tend to favor Android devices over iOS devices.

You will therefore need to use an Android cell phone.

On the other hand, some applications require additional equipment. For example, a USB cable may be required to transfer the zip file containing the history to your computer. Finally, other programs sometimes ask for personal information.

This exposes you to cyber threats and other problems related to sharing sensitive data.

Is spyware possible? ?

With a “spyware” program, you can usually view your Snapchat conversation history. Chats are indeed part of the information that can be collected by this type of program. Despite this common name, they are actually parental control applications. These solutions are therefore legal.

Plus, you won’t have any trouble monitoring your own phone.

For Android or iOS, there is now a wide range of software available for viewing the activities of a cell phone. You can download them from the Play Store, the App Store and the official websites of the providers. You will then manage to track in real time the activities on Snapchat and save the histories. Depending on the program you choose, you can access information such as :

  • Messages exchanged from the Snapchat account;
  • Entries in the contact list;
  • The geolocation of the device;
  • Multimedia files sent or received;
  • The duration of the connection to the social network;
  • Non-Snapchat history (SMS, call logs, web browsing…).

Spyware is particularly effective in terms of real-time monitoring and keylogging. This last feature allows to see the history of texts typed on the device. You will be able to keep the messages sent, even if they have been deleted from the phone or the application’s servers.

On the other hand, performance is quite variable when it comes to data recovery. The effectiveness of the program depends fundamentally on the solution considered.

Is spyware possible?

Which solution is best for viewing Snapchat conversation history ?

Your situation will dictate the best option for retrieving and viewing your Snapchat history. In most cases, it is better to use the services offered by the social network. Moreover, the My Data feature allows you to get the history of snaps, private Snaps and sent or received messages.

Account metadata also contains recent exchanges, even if they have been deleted.

However, Snapchat does not keep user data on its servers for a long time for ethical, practical and economic reasons. Storing this information does involve significant expense. However, from the outset, the network is banking on the value of the ephemeral.

The concept thus allows for member privacy and infrastructure savings.

Snapchat’s teams are relatively quiet about the Exactly how long the user data is stored. That said, you’ll need to consider alternative solutions to see fairly old messages. Data recovery applications are notably your best allies in restoring deleted conversations. Some spyware may also offer this feature.

For greater efficiency, they only need to be pre-installed on the device.

On the other hand, effective and reliable solutions are usually paid for. Free software may also be attractive from some publishers. However, malicious people take advantage of the appeal of free trading to run scams or spread viruses.

As such, freeware should be chosen with caution, prioritizing trusted contacts.