Ikea will transform several movie theaters into your living room

Ikea will transform several cinemas into your living room

The audience can feel at home in the living room. Can you combine two special sensations like “watching the movie in the cinema” and “feeling like in your living room”? ?

Ikea makes a new communication operation

Starting from’today’Today and during the month of May, 16 Spanish cinemas of Cinesa and Yelmo Cinesa will change for the first time the structure of their rooms to incorporate sofas, blankets and cushions and make you feel at home.

According to’IKEA, the living room is’If we could transfer this feeling of being at home, where we spend the most time: 3.29 hours a day from Monday to Friday and 4.11 hours on weekends, we would have a better chance of finding a solution’belonging in an outdoor space like cinemas ?

For Sandra Gálvez, Country Media & PR Manager at IKEA in Spain, “the show reflects the pace of our times and must change to keep up with the times’adapt to new and different needs of people in their homes. The challenge we set for ourselves is this: could the lounge be integrated into a movie theater ? C’is what we think and the’The maximum expression is “IKEA Room”.

The spectators who wish to enjoy this original experience n’What do you think?’to buy their tickets on the websites of the participating theatres, by choosing an IKEA sofa as a seat or by asking at the cinema box office. The price of these tickets will be the same as that of’a normal chair.

C’This is the first time that’an experiment of this kind has been carried out in the cinemas of our country, and 16 cinemas will participate in it: Cinesa Marineda City (A Coruña), Cinesa Intu Asturias (Oviedo), Cinesa Diagonal Mar, Cinesa Diagonal Mar, Cinesa Diagonal, Cinesa Diagonal, Cinesa La Maquinista (Barcelona), Cinesa Max Ocio (Vizcaya), Cinesa La Gavia, Cinesa Las Rozas, Cinesa Proyecciones (Madrid), Cinesa Nueva Condomina (Murcia), Cinesa Plaza de Armas (Sevilla), Cinesa Bonaire (Valencia), Cinesa La Cañada (Marbella), Cinesa Puerto Venecia (Zaragoza), Yelmo Cines Área Sur (Jerez) and Yelmo Cines Plaza Mayor (Málaga).


1943, Sweden. 75 years ago, IKEA was born to help you transform your home. We landed in Spain 21 years ago. Since then, our mission has been to create a better everyday life for most people. We’re passionate about home life and want to help you make your home a better place.

C’That’s why we strongly advocate “democratic design”: that everyone has access to functional, design, durable, quality products at an affordable price. C’is the “IKEA concept”: helping more and more people to enjoy their home. Find in it a necessary and fundamental well-being. And to achieve this goal, we are guided by our values, with a great passion for what we do. Our strengths are IKEA Spain, the’spirit of’team and the’enthusiasm.

We worked hard, but we had fun doing it. We are an inclusive company, committed to the environment’equality and respect for the planet. In fact, 52% of’IKEA in Spain are occupied by women. Our objective for 2020 is to’be 100% sustainable, using wood from much more sustainable forests and producing as much energy as possible’You will be able to use as much energy as necessary in our stores.

C’That’s why our photovoltaic installations already produce about 20% of the energy used in the building’We are the first consumer of organic cotton and the first consumer of green energy. And that’s not all’is only the beginning.