Large or small format print communication

Print communication: large or small format ?

As you probably know, print is the term used to refer to the’all the media used in marketing to communicate with customers or prospects. It s’This includes large and small format materials. In business, this form of communication is essential, because it is useful for several purposes.

To’To make the best use of them, you must carefully choose the elements of each format.

Print: the large format for events

The large format supports refer to the visuals or images printed on the supports of big size. Depending on the material used for their design, they can be rigid or flexible.

In print communication, they allow you to advertise effectively and to give good visibility to your company’company. Therefore, they are among the most used communication tools in the community. There are several types of flyers’elsewhere a multitude of models. Thanks to professional websites like www.lamaisondukakemono.s, you can’will have no trouble finding the type of support that is needed’to your company with the wall of images.

To use them in your premises, you must take into account this parameter. Here are two models that you can use in your company.

The rolling kakemono

Still called roll up, the kakemono roll up is a digital display of flexible advertising visual made up of’a tarpaulin and a banner’a support to promote the’roll up. It can be hung up or suspended, depending on the type of event’s available space and to use it’impact sought.

Qu’It can be used in the’indoor or outdoor’it allows you to captivate the public’attention of visitors or consumers. Indeed, because of its size and the original or striking message that it conveys, it is very popular’It is visible from afar and creates a buzz’interest of’in one go’œit.

Flexible and practical, it also allows you to to create a sales space in a very short time and with few means. C’is therefore one of the best alternatives to communicate a precise message to your future customers.

You can make use of it during the event’a trade fair, an event’a congress, a meeting, a conference, a conference..’a seminar, It can be used for promotional campaigns or within your company itself. Once your event is over, you don’have no trouble storing it by itself: the roll up is easy to roll up and transport.

The wall of’images

You are probably familiar with the walls of a museum’images or at least you’ve seen them before. These are the supports of’is a digital display of variable size made up of various screens. They can be to diffuse different and dissociated contents or a precise multimedia content It can be used in a variety of ways: videos, images, slides, etc.

For a better communication within and outside your company, these tools are the ideal solution. For this reason, they allow to’attract the eye and maintain the’attention. They also allow :

  • d’to optimize your communication,
  • to promote the’image of your brand,
  • to seduce your customers with an immersive experience.

To build loyalty, seduce or inform within your company with the wall of images’images, Think of placing the screens in strategic areas. It is’It is particularly suitable for high traffic areas, meeting rooms, offices of your employees, lobby, etc.

In short, this large format advertising medium has a real power to attract attention’attraction. Thanks to this, it guarantees a very good visual impact. It is therefore a real asset for your company’s communication.

Of course, you will have to call on a professional for the design of this product’to be installed in your premises.

The small format for a larger target

On the market, the’The use of small format communication tools is very widespread. For this reason, they allow you to have a very good visual impact’reach a wider audience in a short time. Among the most used models, there are two that stand out.

The flyers

The flyer is a small format communication medium usually printed on paper. Also called flyer or leaflet, It allows you to provide a maximum of information’information on a small surface. It comes close to’a digest of information’information with an attractive visual.

Within the framework of print communication, flyers are particularly useful for promoting your company’an event. They also allow :

  • to target an area of interest’precise traffic flow,
  • d’It easily attracts the public’attention in’a potential target,
  • to reach a large part of the population.

you can distribute them in the street, at a bus stop, or leave them in self-service at the office’welcome your company. Moreover, the implementation of this type of communication does not require large financial means. C’It is therefore an excellent way for your company to to be known by a larger public at a lower cost.

The flyer

Just like the flyer, the flyer allows you to communicate a brand to a large audience. However, it does not convey the same information as the brochure. Indeed, its According to the research, the content communicates the relevant information of the company’company to the customer.

This can be the’The history of your brand or the prices of the services you offer. In this sense, the flyer is an effective communication tool.

For a good print communication within your company, you can choose the large or small format. Each type offers various prerogatives. However, for the’To make the best use of this service, you will need to call in a professional.