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Construction of premises: which façade to choose ?

Whether it’s for a building or for a building project, aluminum is the material of choice’a construction or a building’For a renovation of premises, the work related to the facade is very important’a great importance. It is’acts of’a visible aesthetic asset that must be resistant and durable over time. There are nowadays’Today, there are many possibilities to design the façade of a building’a room. C’This is what makes the choice of material so important’It is more difficult for both individuals and professionals to achieve a wide range of finishes.

Discover the different types of facades, especially those made of aluminum, and the main criteria to make a good choice when building a building.

Construction of premises: the aluminum facade

L’Aluminum is the best choice for a building façade’It is one of the best solutions for cladding the facade of a building’a room. It is available in many forms and has many applications. This allows for a wide range of design possibilities’integration and to easily highlight your building.

As you can see on, there are a number of Numerous possibilities for the construction of aluminum facades, a material with the lowest carbon emissions. Opting for this solution offers many advantages.

The advantages of aluminium’aluminum

L’Aluminum is above all a thin, but robust material. It is these characteristics that allow to’The use of aluminum has some disadvantages: it can be used to obtain light and resistant constructions. Also, aluminum facades protect the building against various weather variations. They are They are totally recyclable, do not rust and have a long life span.

In addition, this cladding is easy to install and can be replaced easily when needed’it is damaged. In addition to providing excellent thermal and sound insulation through the use of aluminum, it is also a good choice for the construction of buildings’It is available in several textures and colors. Find the right relief construction for your building, gives it a modern and contemporary touch.

The disadvantages of aluminum’aluminum

In spite of these numerous advantages, the’The use of aluminum has some disadvantages. The cost of aluminum’The cost of aluminum can be high compared to some other materials. The price also varies according to the finishes chosen. The low thickness of this material makes it malleable and fragile to blows.

It then tends to be more expensive’to easily embed.

The concrete facade

When’s’acts as a facade cladding of aluminum’concrete appears to be an excellent option for a room. It is available in the form of cellular concrete, fiber cement or concrete facing. It is installed on the facade thanks to a special system’hanging.

The advantages of concrete

Concrete is a material that combines strength and durability. It is indeed insensitive to bad weather and resists well to fire. It is recyclable at the end of its life and can be used as backfill. In addition, this type of facade is naturally insulating and offers good thermal capacities. The various shades and the wide variety of concrete textures It allows for many different styles of finishes.

It offers a beautiful and aesthetic result for an excellent quality/price ratio. This material does not require any particular maintenance.

The disadvantages of concrete

Concrete is is sensitive to the effects of freezing/thawing and therefore to the infiltration of water’water. The latter generally lead to splintering and cracking. In addition, when the pollution on the facade is not properly treated, color runs are observed, which affect its aesthetic appearance.

The brick facade

The brick facades are appreciated because’they are quite simple to build when you have masonry skills. In the contrary case, it is necessary to call upon an expert in the field.

The advantages of brick

Brick is a natural material that has a very high level of durability’dimensional stability. It is durable, recyclable and resists well to fire. It does not present any case of’The bricks are porous, so they are very sensitive to water œor after a certain period of time. When’it is hollow, it offers a excellent thermal insulation.

Its porous structure ensures good ventilation of the building. In addition, brick has a lot of advantages’a good thermal inertia which allows it to restore during the night, the heat that is lost during the day’it stored during the day.

The disadvantages of brick

The cost of the brick is an obstacle for most of them. It is indeed higher than the concrete block or cinder block. When’they are porous, the bricks are then very sensitive to high humidity.

They are therefore not not suitable for rainy areas.

The wooden facade

As far as façade cladding is concerned, wood is a material known for its numerous qualities.

The advantages of wood

Wood is an aesthetic material that brings a touch of elegance to any room’authenticity to the premises. It provides good performance in terms of aesthetics’thermal insulation. In fact, wood allows to’to avoid heat loss’energy and eliminates thermal bridges. In addition, wood cladding rejuvenates the facade and makes it more attractive It brings a more ecological touch.

It is easy to install and can be adapted to different types of facades’It is easy to install and can be adapted to different types of facades. There are many choices to personalize this cladding. For example, it is possible to put it on a wooden or metal frame.

The disadvantages of wood

The wood has some limits of which its low resistance to’It is resistant to humidity and solar radiation. A frequent and rigorous maintenance is then essential. This one allows to protect it against the bad weather, the’moisture, the’termite infestation, etc.

facade of premises

The metal façade

Metal facades are nowadays more attractive than ever’Metallic materials are very popular today because of their multiple advantages and architectural potential. The The most commonly used materials are’aluminum, the’stainless steel, copper and zinc.

The advantages of metal

Metal cladding adds character to the exterior design of a building’a room. Metal materials are available in many colors and have very interesting finishing options. They offer very specific advantages such as strength for some, price and durability for others for others.

The disadvantages of metal

Prices vary according to the metals. They can therefore be used as an alternative’It is a high value material. As for the’These types of facades do not need to be replaced’not applicable to all buildings.

Their The installation also requires the’intervention’a professional qualified.

Some tips for choosing the right facade for your premises

To choose the right material for the facade of your premises, it is important to take into account certain criteria. You must first consult the local plan of development’It is not necessary to present any urban planning case to the town hall in order to inform you about the various restrictions of the municipality. In order to make an optimal choice, factors such as aesthetics, etc. should be taken into account:

  • cost,
  • long life,
  • the simplicity or complexity of the implementation œwork,
  • the quality of the performance of the system’thermal insulation,
  • l’security aspect,
  • l’aesthetic appearance, etc.

Also, think about finding out about the the frequency and simplicity of its maintenance. Depending on your desires and needs, one material may also be more suitable than another’another.