The best messaging applications for children

The best messaging applications for children

Children are increasingly connected and some ask for a smartphone from 7 years. It is difficult to fight against digitalization and most parents usually offer a tablet to their children so that they can learn to read and write’They become familiar with the screens and the web. Nevertheless, it is important to download adapted applications to avoid the dangers of the web, without forgetting to sensitize the young users.

Here are the three best messaging applications for kids.

Messaging for kids: the best applications

There are dozens of applications’messaging applications dedicated to children. Among these, we have listed the three best.

Monster Messenger

Monster Messenger is an application that allows children to chat and parents to be reassured’to be reassured. In fact, to create an account for a kid of under 13 years old, l’one of the parents must enter his or her email address. In this way, children can neither send a request for money nor receive a reply’friend nor accept one without the’prior agreement of their parents.

They will receive a notification as soon as someone is on the list’one who is not in the contact list is trying to reach their child.

Xooloo Messenger

This application s’for children from 8 to 13 years old who want to become a little more independent. Parents don’t have to be’parents don’t have access to the content of the messages, but they do have access to the content of the messages manage the list of’contact persons. The most with Xooloo c’The best thing about Xooloo Messenger for kids is that kids can customize their Xavatar which makes it easy to use’more fun app. L’interface is simple, but not too childish, which is perfectly suited to children and tweens. In addition, the’app collects very little personal data and children do not receive any advertising which is a real advantage.

Finally, Xooloo Messenger is a free application, available on Android and iOs and it does not require any special software’It is not necessary to have a computer’a SIM card for the’use.

Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids c’It is the merger between Monster Messenger and Facebook Messenger. The children have’It is an instant messenger and a tool to help them’a free video chat. They cannot to communicate that’with contacts validated by their parents. In addition, messages do not disappear and cannot be deleted so that parents can control them in case of concerns with a contact (insults, harassment, etc). Thanks to the integrated camera, you can add filters during video chats, but also GIFs.

To use Messenger Kids, the’one of the parents with a Facebook profile must create a mini-profile for their child and upload the’Apps on a tablet or smartphone. L’The advantage of this app is that’is that’it’s interoperable with Messenger, so family members with Facebook accounts don’t have to use it’don’t need to download Messenger Kids to communicate with their kids.

What are the benefits of instant messaging for kids ?

What are the benefits of instant messaging for kids?

For parents, the security is the priority. This way, as soon as kids start asking for a little more information, they will be able to communicate with their friends’independence and that’They want to browse on their tablet, the’s concern’installs.

C’This is why there are apps s that allow children to see and hear what they are saying’be autonomous, while being supervised from afar by their parents. In instant messaging, the main security factor is that an adult manages the contact management of contacts by an adult referent. Children can only communicate with contacts authorized by their parents.

Thus, they do not’It’s not possible to contact or to be contacted by an adult’be contacted by a stranger or an unwanted person.

In addition to the security of apps like Xooloo, Monster Messenger and Messenger Kids, there are many other ways to use social media’other positives. For example, children are working on their skills in spelling in the event that they don’do not use voice mail. Moreover, they weave a extra-curricular link with their friends d’school and they can keep in touch with their family members in a personal way. They have the opportunity to confide in a cousin or their grandma without their parents being aware of.

To communicate by email, there are also secure messaging services such as Net-c Junior or Mailo Junior.

Finally, instant messaging services for kids are a must perfect tool to get familiar with various digital communication means. Over 13 years old, children can create accounts on social networks and thus access instant messaging without parental supervision. It is therefore essential to help them to behave responsibly on such platforms by explaining the principles of respect and right to’image.