The iPhone X and XR how to choose

The iPhone X and XR: how to choose ?

At its release, the’iPhone X has become the new darling of apple brand lovers. Simple and elegant, it had the attributes of the perfect smartphone. It was quickly eclipsed by the iPhone X’iPhone XR, a similar phone with more interesting features.

If you’re unsure which model is right for you, check out some tips in this article to make the right choice.

Presentation of the’iPhone X and XR

Before’Although it’s not easy to talk about the difference between the iPhone X and the XR, it’s possible to have the opposite effect’iPhone X and XR, it is important to make a brief presentation of each of these models.

Released in 2017, the’The iPhone X is a high-end smartphone of the same quality’64/256 Gb storage. It has’It has a Bionic 11 chip’a dual-lens wide-angle camera, each with 12MP and a 2.5mm lens’a battery with two hours of power’It has more autonomy than the’iPhone 7. In terms of finishes, this phone has a sleek design with rounded corners that perfectly match its basic curves.

The great novelty of this device is that’it gets rid of the traditional Touch ID to make way for Face ID, the facial recognition unlocking. It also has a 5.8-inch multi-touch Super Retina borderless display, which is particularly elegant.

L’iPhone XR, meanwhile, was first released in 2018. It has a 64/128/258 Gb memory, and a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display. It also has a 12MP wide-angle camera, an improved video recorder, a sleek design as well as an improved screen’an average autonomy significantly higher than that of the XR’other devices of the brand.

What are the differences between the’iPhone X and the’iPhone XR ?

Physically, these two phones are very similar. Looking in detail, we can see some important differences.

IPhone X vs iPhone XR

The first is related to the’screen. L’iPhone XR is slightly larger and has a larger touch screen than the iPhone XR’iPhone X. The latter features an OLED/AMOLED screen and a better pixel density (458 dpi).

The second major difference is in the cameras. Although’they both have 12MP cameras, the’iPhone X has a better ability to zoom. It can zoom in to’The XR can only zoom in up to 10x, while the XR can only zoom out up to 10x’to x5.

L’iPhone XR has undeniable advantages. It is equipped with’an A12 Bionic chip that makes it significantly better and more durable than the’iPhone X. It also has’It’s an improved video recorder and a new way to record video’a mobile phone stabilizer’image, both on the back camera and the front camera.

What criteria to choose ?

Because of these similarities and differences, it does not’There are no specific recommendations on the best smartphone. The choice of the’one or the other’It depends on the tastes and needs of each individual.

If the quality of the’Since the screen, the ability to zoom and the grip are among the basic criteria, the best option is clearly the Xooloo Messenger’iPhone X. On the other hand, if you prefer a bigger phone with a good camera, good autonomy and better operating power, then you should choose the’iPhone XR.

Where to buy your iPhone once you have chosen ?

To buy the’If the quality of the iPhone X or XR, the best option is obviously to get a new phone’go to an Apple store. This allows you to benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty. The only downside is that the devices will be particularly expensive.

The price of the’iPhone X is approximately 800 euros and that of the’iPhone XR is d’about 700 euros.

It is possible to’It is not necessary to have access to distributors. The prices will be lower. It will be possible to find the same devices at 500 or 600 euros. Otherwise, it is possible to’buy a refurbished iPhone. It has the same advantages as the’a new phone, but costs much less.

For the’If you want to get it, you will have to plan between 300 and 350 euros.