The best modules on PrestaShop addons for its natural referencing

The best modules on PrestaShop addons for its natural referencing

Today, the e-commerce sector is particularly competitive. You must therefore mobilize all available tools to stand out in this market. The PrestaShop CMS fortunately offers a myriad of extensions to enrich the functionality of your merchant site.

These addons cover a wide range of areas, from payment to traffic and SEO.

What are marketplace addons ?

The PrestaShop addons Social reputation tools are software components that allow you to customize the sites created with this CMS. They are mainly used to complete the e-commerce solution with functionalities adapted to the various profiles of users. These elements are also called plug-ins or modules.

They can be free or paid depending on the developers, publishers and distributors.

The official PrestaShop modules are gathered on a single platform: marketplace addons. It has been developed by the company that publishes the CMS or by the participants in the open source project. Nowadays, free software federates a large number of independent developers.

The marketplace contains a wide range of tools to meet the different needs of e-merchants.

What are the best modules on PrestaShop addons for its natural referencing ?

You have access to a wide variety of modules and functionality on PrestaShop addons. In addition, the catalog is constantly growing thanks to the enthusiasm of the open source software community. This dynamism is also explained by the close relationship established between developers and users through the after-sales service.

Thus, the plug-in designers understand exactly the needs of e-merchants.

This way of working has allowed to create a myriad of powerful modules, practical and accessible to beginners. On addons marketplace, PrestaShop has classified these tools in different categories based on their usefulness. You will see modules for SEO optimization, payment, delivery, product sheet… Discover the best addons for the natural referencing of your site !

SEO Expert

SEO expert is essential to improve the position of a PrestaShop website on SERPs (search results pages). It also saves a lot of time by automatically filling in the SEO tags. The tool also allows you to optimize the titles of publications on social networks.

Therefore, this module is a valuable ally to develop your web strategy.

The plug-in is often considered too expensive. However, these costs are negligible compared to the many potential benefits in the long run. The module can also manage several languages.

You will therefore have the possibility to improve your international visibility, regardless of the language of the site.

With this addon, you can integrate a blog directly into your PrestaShop online store. This initiative usually requires an additional CMS and specific templates for blogging. Prestablog allows you to combine these two aspects of your business on the same platform.

Once linked to the main site, your SEO springboard will be more efficient and easy to manage.

On the other hand, the created blog will be responsive from the start. It will allow you to enhance your themes, your products and your store on PC or mobile. Thanks to this new channel, you also have the opportunity to generate more traffic.

It is therefore a real asset for your natural referencing.

SEO Internal Linking

This module allows you to improve your online store’s internal linkage as part of a global SEO strategy. It is capable of automatically deploying numerous internal links and respecting the existing rules on the subject. With this addon, you will enhance your content and products with relevant links.

You can also create the linking yourself by following the instructions of a PrestaShop tutorial. However, internal cross-linking cannot be created and integrated as quickly with manual intervention. You should also check the relevance of links to avoid any risk of downgrading.

You will gain in efficiency by using SEO Internal linking.

Redirections Manager

This tool allows you to use redirects instead of error pages. This way, 404 errors will affect less the quality of the user experience. You can also plan an unlimited number of 301, 302, 303 redirects… You will eventually reduce the bounce rate and improve your ranking on the SERPs.

As a reminder, error pages and broken links have a negative impact on the SEO of a website. However, these are not negligible eventualities. Moreover, these inconveniences tend to multiply with major changes such as a migration or an update.

Redirections Manager helps to mitigate the effects of these incidents.

SEO Images

E-merchants too often neglect images in their SEO strategy. These elements are essential for the referencing of your landing pages, categories, products, etc. Moreover, the visual products are part of the key points used to assess the quality of an online store.

You will therefore have to spend the necessary time on tagging.

SEO Image allows you to automatically fill in the Alt tags of the images visible on your platform. Moreover, the contents are immediately adapted to the SEO of the e-commerce site. You will thus be relieved of this tedious and delicate, but essential operation.

SEO Images

Why install these modules ?

Basically, the PrestaShop addons have been designed to add functionality to the services integrated into the CMS. You have the opportunity to transform your online store according to your profile and your expectations. With SEO modules, this principle is concretely translated by the realization of precise optimizations.

Depending on the plug-in, the action can be focused on linking, tags (meta, title, header, etc.), and the search engine optimization.), image attributes… Some tools also allow you to optimize internal or external redirections to the platform pages. In all cases, the objective is to improve the SEO of your site without spending too much time.

Thus, the processes are usually automated.

Why go through a specialized agency to choose the right modules ?

From the start, an online store must choose the right tools for the right website best modules on PrestaShop addons for its natural referencing. These tools are also decisive in facilitating the daily management of the site. However, it is not easy to find the most relevant solutions among the many plug-ins available on the market.

The process is even more complicated for beginners.

Thus, you need to choose an experienced Prestashop agency in order to adopt the right modules to succeed in e-commerce. This type of provider perfectly masters the CMS dedicated to online sales and internet tools in general. Its expertise is based on a team of developers as well as business and marketing consultants.

These professionals have the skills required to improve the user experience and sales on an e-commerce site. In addition, a specialized agency constantly follows the evolution of the CMS and associated tools. This permanent monitoring is essential in order to identify the problems that may arise best modules on PrestaShop addons for its natural referencing.

Such a web agency can intervene on a project of creation, renovation or migration of e-commerce site. In addition, it offers a complete service to ensure the success of the online store. The services cover in particular :

  • The preparation phase through various technical and practical advice;
  • Web design and related optimizations;
  • The integration of the selected features and modules ;
  • Training in the use of the CMS and the current management of the site;
  • SEO work (SEA, SEO and SMA);
  • The hosting and maintenance of the e-shop.

Sometimes, the particularity of the site does not allow to limit itself to the best modules on PrestaShop addons for its natural referencing. A specialized agency can nevertheless create custom modules, if the addons of the marketplace do not meet your requirements. Moreover, the CMS is open to custom plug-ins, as long as you respect its rules on the subject.

A PrestaShop provider is used to the technical and regulatory constraints of the platform.