Company on which objects to advertise

Company: on which objects to advertise ?

To gain visibility in a constantly competitive world, companies use various means, including advertising through objects. When the media are well chosen, the strategy can truly improve the’s brand image and awareness. On which objects to advertise ?

What are the advantages of advertising on objects ?

The advertising by object consists in making pass promotional messages by using a wide range of objects’an object as a support. The strategy offers many advantages to companies.

L’lasting brand exposure

Many companies are increasingly including object-based advertising in their communication strategy. No matter what sector you are in’s activity, a large choice of services company can establish a promotional item’promotional items s’offers you. Among other things, you can offer your target customers a mug, a t-shirt, a tote-bag, a USB key or even a personalized pen with your :

  • name,
  • logo,
  • slogan,
  • graphic charter.

Promotional items make a positive impression on the public’It is important to keep in mind that the name, services or products of the company are always in the mind of the customers and to remind them of the name, services or products they are interested in your company’s products. The goodies of’Daily use items such as water bottles or pens will constantly expose your brand. In addition, most promotional gifts have a relatively long lifespan.

This means prolonged exposure to promotional messages, thus amplifying the’brand image of your company.

An excellent return on investment

Promotional items have a relatively low cost per contact compared to other communication or prospecting channels. Paradoxically, goodies bring more to the notoriety of the companies that’a commercial for example.

A study carried out by the 2FCPO (French Federation of Communication Professionals through Advertising) shows that’object) reveals that only 28% of consumers exposed to a commercial can remember the name of the advertiser’Ask them what they would like to see done to make their opinion more important by taking all of their suggestions seriously Remember the promoter. The numbers speak for themselves’themselves and the’we can better understand why this type of advertising is gaining ground in corporate communication strategies.

Build customer loyalty

It’It’s no longer a given that promotional items can help you win new customers. But in the same way, they can also allow you to better retain existing customers. As you can imagine, it’s much easier to retain old customers that your’gaining new ones.

So why not create and maintain a close relationship with your customers by offering them a gift of office supplies?’interesting promotional items ? It will also be a way to reach out to employees’immediate surroundings of your customers, because’A promotional item can be easily passed on to others’from one hand to another and thus become viral.

How to choose your advertising objects for a better efficiency

For corporate advertising’If you are looking for a successful promotional item, it is essential that the gift be one that will be remembered’a real use for the recipients. It will keep it that way for as long as possible. Always remember that the more you use your products, the more you will be able to reach your customers’the better the target audience remembers the brand associated with it.

In addition to that, it is essential that the promotional item has a real impact on your reputation and that of your company’The article is functional. It is’The figures speak for themselves’a key point that can seriously It is essential that the promotional item has an impact on your reputation and that of your company. What could be more disgusting for a client to receive a promotional pen that does not have a logo?’It does not write (or not correctly) at the first use or it leaks from the machine’ink in your pocket !