Design a persona to better understand your audience

Design a persona to better understand your audience ?

Every company has a variety of customers. This is why, before establishing any marketing and communication strategy, it is preferable to focus on the creation of a persona of your ideal customer. Indeed, a persona is a fictional character who has all the characteristics and attributes of your brand’s ideal consumer.

Generally speaking, the persona is recorded with a name, as well as demographic, psychological and social characteristics. It is a character that helps the company to focus marketing efforts on satisfying the characteristics, needs and desires of your target customers. Moreover, it is important to know that the persona has a great influence on the visual identity of the companies and offers a major opportunity for them not to shy away from their initial objectives.

Thus, it is a constant reminder of who the products or services are aimed at, but also to present them in the most effective and best possible way.

Also, in this field of persona creation, there is no lack of examples of companies that differ from one brand to another. For example, BMW’s brand image is very different from Toyota’s because they do not target the same audience. Indeed, BMW represents more elegance, luxury and power while Toyota refers more to a family image and accessible to all.

Which means that their personas are quite different. But how is a persona created? ? And what does this mean in concrete terms? ?

How to design a persona ?

The design a persona requires a very precise method because the success of your company’s marketing strategy depends on it. To do this, you must first gather the ideal customer’s information by establishing the age range, gender, educational level, occupation, culture/religion, activities, passions, values and more. The objective here is to have as much information as possible about the ideal customer.

After that, it is necessary to define the personal problems and challenges which are nothing else than the way to proceed in order to identify and collect all this information. However, companies generally have a better idea of the target customer. To do this, you need to start noting everything you know or have about this clientele.

Then, you must go to the source to confirm or deny your information and to complete it by asking your clients to participate in an interview or to fill out a survey.

The data collected in this way must be gathered and analyzed in order to highlight the major trends. In other words, determine the characteristics that are present in most customers, such as social, demographic and behavioral data.

To finalize the creation of your persona, you need to compile the characteristics and general trends and then create a portrait that is faithful to these trends, then put the description together in a card.

Why personas are useful ?

Personas are very useful in that they help companies refine their marketing policies and strategy to meet the desires and needs of customers. Indeed, the fact of design a persona allows the design of a more relevant brand image. Also, communication strategies become more effective.

Moreover, you have the possibility to create several personas in order to develop more personalized and unique communication strategies. By deconstructing target customers into various personas, personas help to increase not only interest but also engagement with your brand.