Focus on local SEO for companies

Focus on local SEO for businesses

If the vast majority of companies are already doing natural referencing, some should now associate local referencing with SEO. Indeed, local referencing is a marketing approach that allows you to position your site on local search results. How to achieve this as a’company ?

Local referencing and its interest for companies

The local referencing is a sub-category of the natural referencing which aims at making known your company or your activity in the’local scale. It s’acts to positioning your site on localized search results related to your activity. You the’As you will have understood, local referencing relies on geolocation and is particularly suitable for local businesses and companies that do e-commerce.

Like SEO, local referencing involves the’intervention of’a professional. If your company is located in Martinique for example, on altosor-communication-martinique.If you are looking for a local SEO agency, you will find one that can help you to reference your activity locally.

The local referencing is useful insofar as a good part of the searches made on Google is geolocalized. More than half of the people searching on Google are doing local prospecting. C’It is with this trend that search engines are capitalizing more and more on geolocation to propose answers to the requests of the Internet users.

They rely more on local searches, especially voice searches, as well as social network pages and links, to provide relevant content to Internet users.

Local SEO in practice

A relevant and effective local referencing supposes that you undertake certain actions.

Create and optimize your Google My Business listing

The creation of’A Google My Business listing is without a doubt the best way to find your business’one of the best practices in local SEO. In local referencing, the customer path, or at least the data and functionalities sought by users are known to all.

You don’have that’Make sure that you make them available for your business’The creation of a GMB file. It is’s a matter of’an online directory through which Google allows companies to find their business create a listing and provide some information that will allow them to move up in search results.

local referral marketing

To do this, the GMB listing must include information such as :

  • your company name and description,
  • your business hours’opening and closing your website,
  • photos of your premises,
  • your contact information,
  • l’URL of your website,
  • l’Itinerary leading to your premises via Google Maps.

Beyond this information, you need to be able to find the right place for your business’really exploit your GMB file. To this end, ensure the accuracy and veracity of the information provided, encourage your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, respond to all reviews, etc’positive or negative. If possible, offer a virtual tour of your business.

Offer a mobile friendly site

As much as local search has taken remarkable proportions, the’use of cell phones’is democratized. 90% of these geolocated searches are done from smartphones.

It is therefore imperative that you offer a site that can be consulted on cell phones, given the mobile situation that characterizes the majority of Internet users conducting local searches. In the same way, make sure that your contact information, especially your phone number, is clickable from a cell phone.

Do on-page SEO and geolocation

The particularity of local referencing is to’be geo-targeted searches, usually highlighting a city. In the’In this case, the name of the city where you are located is a keyword and must be present in your content.

Similarly, it must be present on the pages that you believe can generate traffic. It is also appropriate that the name of the city appears in the Title and Meta tags, as well as in the hN of your content.

C’It is through this redundancy of the name of the city that Google can better geolocate your company and its service offer. The search engine also appreciates precise information such as your address, your postal code, the name of your store, etc. For this purpose, use « Microformats ».

Initiate d’other actions

If the actions we have just presented are useful for an effective local referencing, you do not lose anything to undertake them’others not less useful. Among others, you can :

  • do some internal linking,
  • have a presence and a strong activity on social networks,
  • work on your content and tags,
  • be present in local directories,
  • develop your local presence by taking part in events.

With these recommendations, you can be sure to get the best results’to have a local referencing truly at the service of your company.