Fortnite Tracker How to track statistics on Fortnite

Fortnite Tracker: How to track statistics on Fortnite

We no longer present the famous video game from Epic Games ! Released in 2017, Fortnite now attracts players from all over the world, across all platforms. If you are one of them, you probably already know that. Keeping track of your statistics is essential to progress. Fortnite Tracker is the perfect tool for this.

We explain everything there is to know about this tracker that you will quickly find you can’t live without.

What is Fortnite Tracker ?

Fortnite Tracker is, as its name suggests, a tracker, that is to say, a’i.e. an online tool that gives you access to a wide range of personal and general statistics. It’s an API that retrieves important data from Epic Games’ servers in order to transcribe them in a readable way on an easily accessible interface. The tool then offers a preview of :

  • Your played games;
  • Special events;
  • Your level.

Fortinite Tracker also gives you a TRN rank. Like an ELO rank, it classifies the different players according to their statistics in order to evaluate them according to their level. A score between 0 and 5000 is thus attributed to each player. It is available for each game mode, solo or team.

The first 5000 players have the chance to get a badge.

Why use Fortnite Tracker ?

On most games, such as Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear, Dragon Ball, Mario Kart or even Pokémon, it is very easy to access your stats. Unfortunately, this is not the case on Fortnite, where very little information is shared: the only accessible data is the number of games played and top 1s, which is very limited. To find out more, you need a third-party tool.

Using Fortnite Tracker allows you to follow your evolution in the game, analyzing your statistics. It is possible to know where you are the best, and, on the contrary, where you need to progress the most. Among the data at your disposal, you will find the number of victories, the number of kills and the K/D.

The tool has the advantage of being very easy to use. It makes the essential information viewable in just a few clicks, which makes it quick and easy to consult whenever you want. In addition, the tool allows you to view the stats of your friends or opponents.

This makes it easier to build a team and a strategy according to the specificities of each player… but also of those you are going to play against if you know their nickname in advance.

How to use Fortnite tracker ?

To use Fortnite tracker, nothing could be easier. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Epic Games website
  • Click on the’Log in” icon located in the upper right corner. If you don’t have an account, you will have to choose “Create an account”. The procedure is particularly quick: follow the different steps described to finalize your registration.
  • Use your credentials to log in to the platform.
  • If necessary, choose the console with which you play and enter your Xbox or Playstation login in the pop up window that opens to you
  • Go to the Fortnite Tracker site.
  • Enter the username you use on Epic Games in the “Fortnite Stats” field

Fortnite Tracker is also accessible from mobile, through the App store or Google Play. Downloading the application will allow you to keep an eye on the different statistics offered by the tool during all your games. It is interesting to note that this is a completely free tool.

How the TRN is calculated on fortnite ?

TRN calculates the score of players with a very particular scoring method. It varies according to the game mode, in group, duo or solo.

In group games, the winners of the first team will get 7 killes. 4 kills will be obtained by the second team, 3 kills by the third team and 2 kills for the others. If you play solo, you will get 9 kills for coming in first place and 5 kills for coming in second.