The detailed steps to create your company in the USA

The detailed steps to create your company in the USA

The United States does not restrict the creation of’As a result, the US economy is based on the principle of freedom of enterprise for citizens and residents of the country, and attracts many entrepreneurs from all over the world every year. They offer a particularly favorable environment for any entrepreneurial project, not to mention the fact that everything is simple. To all this s’They also have an international attractiveness, dynamism and a policy of innovation’particularly interesting taxation. Indeed, the’The American economy is based on the principle of freedom of choice’It is important to know that your business model is the right one for you. You can thus take advantage of this opportunity to set up your company simply, quickly and at low cost, but also to hire as many times as you want’without being burdened by heavy contributions.

If you are about to create your company in the USA, we propose you in this guide the essential steps through which the concretization of your project must absolutely pass.

The steps prior to the creation of a company’a company in the USA

Before throwing yourself into your project, it is important to know how to make it happen’develop a business plan solid. This one has as a ruleôThe market study is the first step in the creation of your company in the United States’business in the USA. It also clearly presents the positioning adopted on the market. And since you are going to venture into a foreign market, you must at the same time become familiar with the American market and its functioning’You will be able to choose the legal form you want to use, while paying particular attention to the competition. In other words, you must conduct a market study worthy of the name.

Whatever your reasons for setting up your company in the United States, this study allows you to make sure that your business model is the right one’is viable and can guarantee your success.

The next step is to select your location from’and also to apply for a work visa. The E-2 visa or investor visa The type of visa that will allow you to venture into the U.S. market as an entrepreneur is the same as the type of visa that will allow you to enter the U.S. market as an entrepreneur’entrepreneur.

Then, no’Do not hesitate to ask for the services of’a Registered Agent like so that the launch of your business can proceed serenely. Specialized in the creation of companies in the USA and knowing perfectly the American market as well as the formalities of constitution which can differ from one country to another, we can help you to create your own company’a state to the’other, this type of provider can accompany you from A to Z. It can, among other things, take care of the registration of your future company’They can also take care of the domiciliation of your future company, the registration of the company and the management of the company’s assets’opening a business’The market study must include a professional bank account, administrative and accounting follow-up, and validation of the tax and legal structure… Throughout his intervention, your Registered Agent can act as a liaison between you and your company as a real advisor.

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Creation of’a company in the USA : which legal form to choose ?

S’There are a multitude of legal forms in the United States, two of which are’The next step is to select your location from a state to develop a particularly interesting tax system.

The LLC or Limited Liability Company

The LLC is undoubtedly the most popular legal form for small and medium-sized companies in the USA. It is’elsewhere accessible to foreign creators. Such a structure s’similar to the French SARL (limited liability company). The reason is that in the majority of American states, It limits the personal liability of the partners to the contributions they have made to the company’They carry out in the social capital of the partnership.

Their personal wealth is automatically protected in the event of debt or bankruptcy.

The company itself is not a member’It is also subject to no taxation (unless the shareholder wishes otherwise by opting for a different scheme) and is tax transparent. On the other hand, each member is taxable on his personal income. The LLC does not limit the number of shareholders’and is the promise of’undeniable flexibility in the distribution of profits.

We can add to all this the possibility of choosing your tax regime (the basic regime proposed for this type of structure is highly recommended for non-residents), the structural stability offered by the LLC and the’operating agreement limiting the administrative formalities to what is strictly necessary.

The C Corp or C Corporation

This legal form is a kind of “local bank”’The American equivalent of the French corporation. It is’This is particularly suitable for large companies that are listed on the stock exchange or that call on institutional investors. Its major advantage is that’It dissociates the personality of the company from the personality of the partners’s business from that of the shareholders. A C Corp can host an unlimited number of’shareholders and authorizes the’public call for tenders’savings The company can also raise funds through the sale of shares’actions. L’s transfer organization’It is also easy to open a bank account in the USA.

D’From a tax point of view, the dividends of the shareholders, as well as the profits and losses of the company, are tax deductible’For the entity, the’object of’a taxation. We speak in the’s principle of ownership double taxation which is unfortunately a disadvantage for companies with high dividend payouts.

If you are not sure which of the two legal structures mentioned above is right for you, a Registered Agent can help you make the best choice with full knowledge of the facts.

How to register your company in the USA ?

After having carefully prepared your project, selected your area of activity and chosen your location, you will be able to’In order to establish your company, as well as your legal form, you must consider the question of the domicile. In this case, your Registered Agent can direct you to the most relevant business center in the countryœon your behalf’a strategic location while maintaining a physical address’dealing with the resulting formalities. For the’If you want to have your headquarters in the USA, the service provider will only offer to host your employees on a temporary basis’a real physical address, and not a simple postal address.

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A physical address in the US is not required’one of the American states improves your credibility and reputation with suppliers and customers. It plays of course on the confidence that the latter will have in your entity. This address allows you to open a bank account’obtain certain tax treaties’The service provider will only offer to host your employees on a one-time basis and help you improve your local referencing.

She will also give you the green light to open a bank account with a company in the USA’an American bank.

L’registration of a company’a company in the USA

Once your registered office is domiciled, you can proceed to the registration of your company’registration of your company. Your Registered Agent will then help you build your business case’s registration and’occupies l’Register your business with the state’State. L’registration with the federal government’This last one is not compulsory, except if you wish to obtain a registration number’tax registration. Once the’Once the registration is done, you will be given ” Articles of Organization ” and a ” Corporate book ” including the following elements

  • EIN number,
  • company stamp or corporate seal,
  • PV,
  • certificates for shares,
  • operating agreement.

The creation of’A company in the USA implies the address of your registered office in the USA’opening of a’a bank account

The launch of’If you want to do business in the United States, you will have to open a bank account in the United States’a local bank. This is a delicate step, which is why it is a good idea to leave a Registered Agent on the site’in charge. This last is the best placed to find the’The first benchmark is against a peer group of banks with the best offer and the best performance’to validate your request.

In principle, to open a bank account, you must provide your bank with your passport, a proof of residence less than two months old, an original copy of the bank card and a copy of your bank statement’operating agreement, another piece of the puzzle’We can also provide you with an identity card in your name and with your photo and other identification documents’Registration of your company.