Business effectively through the portage salarial

Efficient business with freelance administration

The portage salarial is a quite recent form of wage employment. Its particularity is to be’to provide a solution that is between the status of a “good” and “bad” document’freelance and employee. C’is an employee status, while allowing an entrepreneur to manage his own projects and clients in a totally independent way.

In’data, in other words, the’The contractor chooses his clients and negotiates his own rates, without the need to pay a fee’the flexibility of the company’s intervention.

Why choose freelance writing? ?

There are many reasons why professionals choose to work as freelancers. This solution offers for example to professionals the flexibility of’It’s an independent software and security of choice’an employee. But it’s’But this is far from being the case’be the only advantage of freelancing.

Whether you are a cross-border worker, an expatriate, a senior citizen or simply looking to start your business without taking too many risks, freelance administration remains by far the ideal solution.

What are the real advantages of freelance administration? ?

Today’Today, more and more people are turning to freelance administration companies. And for good reason, this form of employment offers many advantages.

Cost control

For a short-term mission, freelance administration is the best solution’imposes as the’most interesting option. The fact is that the hiring of a consultant is a very complex process’an employee is expensive. D’elsewhere, employment agencies and freelancers generally charge higher margins than a consultant’a freelance administration company.

No unpleasant surprises when it comes to payment, You will have negotiated the rate of your consultant beforehand, before the setting up of the contract with the client’portage company. You only need to’go to learn more about how the process works’a freelance administration company.

operation of portage salarial

The administrative ease

By calling upon a contractor in portage salarial, you save time to your HR managers at the level of :

  • of the recruitment campaign,
  • pay slips to fill out,
  • social contributions to pay.

The The company of portage salarial takes care of the setting up of the various contracts. It also ensures the invoicing as well as the administrative and fiscal management of the consultants.

The speed of the service

The time between the first contact and the start date of the services of the consultant is very short. The process can be summarized as follows:

  • contact with a consultant,
  • negotiate the rates of the project with the consultant,
  • l’company of portage salarial s’takes care of the rest.

Economic and legal security

When you free yourself from administrative and legal constraints, you save time. Above all, this approach constitutes additional security. The freelance administration company guarantees the professional responsibility of the consultant instead of the employer’client company.

As the consultant is an employee of the umbrella company, he/she does not have to be a member of the team’there is no risk of loss’to be accused of lending manpower’œThe consultant works within the framework of an illegal work or of haggling.

Flexible HR management

A one-time project may require skills that you don’t have’have no in-house. L’Your company’s current activity could benefit from a new business model’a temporary increase of your workforce. The use of’a ported employee allows you to’to quickly adjust your workforce and your skills depending on the fluctuation of your activities. Don’t worry, this is not a problem’will not affect your payroll in any way.

The consultant works within the framework of’a service provider contract.

Expertise and outside view

A consultant is not only an expert in his field, but also a professional outside your company. Throughout the project, it will bring you external expertise and experience that will lead to a solution that you don’t need’would have never been considered internally.